The Wine Bar Game

Which team can best establish a brand new wine bar? All the basic business principles affect the bottom line. Suitable for all levels.

  • 1 PC and printer required
  • For 1, 2, 3 or 4 teams
  • 4 - 5 hours


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  • highlights the need to plan carefully for a new business and not be too optimistic
  • encourages group discussion and management decision-making
  • shows the importance of interpreting results, monitoring cash flow and getting control of the figures
  • stresses the need for a rational approach to decisions
  • illustrates that advertising and marketing are crucial

The Activity

Teams receive a folder with all the details on a new wine bar they are planning to open. Each week they have to order stock, decide how many staff to employ and how much to pay them. They also decide on pricing, advertising, whether to diversify and whether to expand the business.

Decisions are filled out on a simple Decision Form which is fed into a laptop and the financial results printed together with relevant messages. Teams feel they really are running their own wine bar – this week there was money missing from the till? Presumably teams were not paying staff enough!!

Trainer's Role

  • Introduce the session using the PowerPoint presentation
  • Issue Briefing Folders and allow 90 minutes for teams to discuss the details and complete their first Decision Form
  • Collect Decision Forms and enter data into the computer
  • Issue results and allow 20 minutes for teams to study their results and prepare their next Decision Form
  • After six or seven ‘rounds’ ask each team to prepare a short presentation to sell their business. You, the Trainer, will purchase the wine bar you feel has been best managed and which has the best future potential
  • Lead a debrief using the detailed guidance in the Trainer’s Notes, and finally announce the winning team. Some Trainers even finish with a wine-tasting!

Pack Contents

  • Trainer’s Notes
  • Software & PowerPoint on CD-ROM
  • A4 Pad -Trainer’s Reference Forms
  • Handout - Reading the Financial Statement
  • Handout - Business Analysis Form
  • Team Folders each containing 10 pp of info…. the introduction / the loan / location / street survey / premises / refurbishment schemes /promotion / stock / staffing & payroll / pricing

A first class simulation!

I ran The Wine Bar Game as part of a five-day Management Effectiveness Workshop for 16 senior hotel managers. They rated Wine Bar very highly indeed as it was action-packed, stimulating and extremely challenging. Each team felt they really were running their own wine bar.

Teri Eastaff, Consultant

Teri Eastaff, Consultant

A highly interactive team versus team activity.

M. Newman, Center Parcs

Straightforward to use

As a novice trainer The Wine Bar Game was straightforward to use.

D. Trelawney, Rapra Technology

Competitive fun!

We had an extremely successful afternoon with The Wine Bar Game. We seemed to strike just the right balance between achieving our objectives and having some competitive fun!

A. Boothby, NHS Information Authority

The competition between the teams to be the best was immense

We used The Wine Bar Game during a two-day management conference. It helped participants focus their general business skills and took them into the realm of strategic planning.

S. Gidman, TBG Learning

A pleasure to use for both Trainer and delegates!

I used The Wine Bar Game on a course to increase commercial awareness and general management and teamwork with middle managers. The best learning points were that motivation increases with profit, and that you should treat staff well! It is a great activity and really keeps everyone interested and learning. The tricky part is getting them to agree to stop after Round 8! Well presented and thought-out.

Julia Wood, Key Assets Ltd

Highly recommend this game

I used The Wine Bar Game with 300 managers – used on the first day of a week-long residential course, run over three months. Diversity was brilliant, teams who were on track making the wrong decision and coming last! Great fun, very interactive, good group training for people who hadn’t worked together before. It ticked all the boxes and got a week’s residential off to a good start.

Carol Morgan, Southern Water