Assess listening and report writing with this exciting simulation of a changing situation. Great value.

  • 6-12 (two teams of 3-6 per team)
  • 1 hour 30 minutes + debrief


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  • the need to plan your communication
  • to ensure unambiguity and accuracy
  • to use active listening skills
  • to check and qualify information
  • to give information freely but accurately
  • to work with another team cooperatively

The Activity

Test communication skills, listening and report writing with this exciting simulation of an ever-changing situation. Just like the office!

Two teams (apart from each other) receive information about an earthquake via two channels; a CD supplying different, regular updates to each team (two audio CD players required) and intercoms constantly buzzing between the teams.

Accurate communication skills are vital. As well teams need to be organised, focused on the objective and keep up with an ever-changing situation. They will consider all the data, filter out irrelevant and unreliable stories and at the end present a clear, concise, accurate report.

Teams enjoy pointing out discrepancies in each others’ reports and comparing them against a definitive checklist supplied in the pack. Lots of learning points about the importance of good communication skills are unequivocally demonstrated.

Trainer's Role

  • Introduce the activity and issue Team Briefs
  • Set up the intercoms and play the CDs to the groups
  • Observe teams in action noting how they cope with the flood of information
  • At the end allow teams time to compile a list of bullet-point facts about the disaster. Listen to each team’s presentation and allocate scores for accurate reporting
  • Lead a discussion on how communication between the teams could have been improved
  • Relate the key lessons to the workplace.

Pack Contents

  • Trainer’s Notes
  • Team Brief 1 (London-based)
  • Team Brief 2 (Morovia-based)
  • London File
  • Morovia File
  • Audio recording on CD-ROM
  • Two-way Intercom & Battery
  • Report Checklist
  • 12 Key Communication Points

Very powerful

Very powerful exercise for identifying communication shortfalls – and it allows you the opportunity to correct them.

L Murdock, School of Ordnance


Very simple to use but amazingly effective!

J Batty, Anglia Regional Cooperative


D Walker, Pressure Training