Amateur detective teams expose the murderer and accomplice in their midst!

  • 18-80 (six to ten teams of 3-8 per team)
  • 2 hours + debrief


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  • to work both within the team and with other teams
  • to share information
  • to use powers of reasoning and deduction
  • to decide who can be trusted and who cannot

The Activity

Guaranteed to create a fun atmosphere to relax all delegates and engender team spirit - a fantastic choice for starting your conference activities!

A fast-paced who-done-it with plenty of opportunity for group cooperation - or skulduggery! Use it as a conference activity to involve and relax delegates or as a learning aid to highlight key skills in management of a mini project and teamwork.

No dressing up, no actors, no role play. You are house guests at Tudor Grange, the scene of the murder. One team is the murderer, one is the accomplice and the rest act as amateur detectives. You are not sure who’s who, so how do you proceed?

Team folders provide initial groundwork but further progress requires collecting evidence from others. Who can you trust? Play your cards close to your chest - just like back at the office!

With good teamwork, good clue-solving and an eye on time, teams can identify the guilty parties and win the day! Earning police badges is vital as any team shown one MUST speak the truth!

Trainer's Role

  • Introduce the activity using the (optional) PowerPoint slides.
  • Distribute the Briefing Folders.
  • Observe teams in action.
  • At the end of the exercise, lead a Debrief on the key learning outcomes. Reveal the culprits and work through the answers to all the problems.
  • Full guidance is provided in the Trainer’s notes.

Pack Contents

  • Trainer’s Notes
  • CD Rom (containing PowerPoint, Principle Copy for reprinting Team Materials, Datacards for running a session with fewer teams)
  • 10 x Team folders (containing Brief, Clues Sheet, Set of Six Tasks, Guest List, Suspect Form, Cryptic Note, Starting Riddles, Interesting Facts, A3 Map, Unsolved Cases Booklet)
  • Casket clue
  • Whistle
  • 10 x Set of Sticky Tape, Scissors, Felt Pen, A1 Coloured Card
  • 6 x Set of TEN different Team Badges
  • Letter (A4 pad)

Really brought our delegates together

Sleuth! provided an hilarious evening which really brought our delegates together and got them talking and laughing. It was a real teamwork challenge – and reflected the fact that at work you don’t always know who best to go to for information. Just who can you work alongside? Who, when the chips are down, can you really trust?

Anon, Independent Consultant

I found 'Sleuth' to be an excellent new addition!

I used Sleuth with an entire company on a training course. It highlights the benefits of communicating more effectively with other departments and gets them to see themselves as one large team. Sleuth really got this message across and proved that even if we like to think we share information willingly, our natural urge is often to do the opposite. Having been an advocate of Northgate activities for some time, I found 'Sleuth' to be an excellent new addition!

S Pitt, Exponential Training

A great exercise

Used as a fun team exercise for a large team of 42 who do not know each other very well. The best learning points included trust, honesty, working together, communication, creativity (some of the shields were fab!), sharing resources and info. Great for large teams – it makes them communicate and consider trust – the “one team” issue is very relevant. A great exercise – brings out lots of real life issues which the group can see are relevant to the workplace.

S Martin, Westland Helicopters