Leadership Challenge

Inspire your team to gain top score. Exciting challenge where teams define leadership and put their chosen leaders to the test.

  • For 1, 2, 3 or 4 teams
  • 2 hours


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  • allows teams to experience leadership in action
  • highlights qualities of good leadership
  • stresses importance of team briefing and setting objectives for a team
  • provides a platform to discuss leadership styles

The Activity

In this table-top simulation each team first chooses a leader. Each leader is given a £500 budget, a map and 10 minutes to familiarise themselves with the Brief. During this period the rest of the team completes a questionnaire about leadership qualities – for discussion later. Essentially teams must collect as many points as possible by visiting places on a map. Leaders, with their own chosen style of leadership, brief their teams and oversee the activity. Information on costs such as ferry timetables, time and distance and overnight accommodation are available on request – but information costs money – and eats into a tight budget!

Trainer's Role

  • Ask each team to nominate a leader. Take the leaders to an area and give them the briefing papers which they can study but cannot take back to their teams
  • Meanwhile the teams are drawing up a profile of what makes a good leader. Leaders return to their teams and brief them – from their notes
  • Observe teams in action
  • After the activity lead a Debrief supported by the full Trainer’s Notes and PowerPoint presentation. Finally, issue computer reports and announce the winning team.

Pack Contents

  • Trainer’s Notes
  • Leaders' Folders
  • Sketch Maps
  • Information Sheets
  • Routes Cards
  • Route Planner Forms
  • Handout: What Makes a Good Leader?
  • CD-Rom for PowerPoint & PDF files for reprinting resources

Simple to use, effective and fun

A very powerful vehicle for covering different styles of leadership and the key points of teamwork.

Mike Hobbs, Eastwood Consulting

A good opportunity to experience real self-learning

An excellent tool to develop leadership and teambuilding skills in an exciting and innovative manner.

Jenny Aspland, Barnardos

The activity was different, challenging and fun

Used as part of a “Performance MOT” course with junior/middle managers. It highlighted the role of a leader in a complex task.

Maureen Tallis, HR Dept, Aggregate Industries UK Ltd

This is an excellent exercise

We used Leadership Challenge as part of a leadership development programme with senior managers at a County Council. The best learning points included the need to plan, the need to delegate and the need to be clear about team roles. This is an excellent exercise for enabling managers to put learning into practice, irrespective of whether they are the leader or a member of the team. A great discussion and debate takes place after the exercise has finished about leadership effectiveness.

Claire Watson, Consultant, Lucia Consultancy

An excellent activity

An excellent activity for our client group of law firm partners. After a day of leadership theory, the game brought home the crucial points and added energy and fun to our awayday.

Rachel Stone, Smith & Williamson LLP