Lifeboat Leader

Lively interaction about the basics of good leadership. Ideal starter. Great value!

  • 3-24 (up to four groups of 3-6 per group)
  • 1 hour + debrief


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  • to recognise the qualities of good leadership
  • to assess a potential leader’s competencies
  • to see the difference between a ‘likeable’ person and a person who would make a good leader
  • to understand the difference between a leader and a manager

The Activity

You have information on six candidates: photo, name, age, occupation and two personality profiles. One profile is supplied by the candidate and one by a close friend or relative. All details are real, though names are changed.

Rank the six candidates according to who is best suited to lead you in the strange situation you find yourselves in: survivors of a shipwreck - thrown together in a lifeboat.

Focuses on personal and professional attributes we look for in a leader, how we assess potential leaders in the recruitment process and highlights the point that in a different situation the ranking could be very different. A source of lively debate and thought-provoking questions about what makes good leadership.

Trainer's Role

  • Introduce the activity.
  • Divide participants into teams.
  • Issue the Team Briefs.
  • Observe teams in action.
  • At the end, list each group’s ranking on a flipchart and lead a Debrief.
  • Full guidance provided in the Trainer’s Notes.

Pack Contents

  • Trainer’s Notes
  • Team Briefing Sheets
  • Ranking Forms

Flexible and adaptable

A thoroughly useful, flexible and adaptable exercise that now has a permanent place on our training programme.

Fiona Lander, Blue Arrow Personnel

This exercise works because it is simple and only takes one hour.

Used in leadership workshop training, Lifeboat is useful in demonstrating different leadership styles and the value of modifying to utilise all abilities within a team to achieve a common goal. Very stimulating, and it encourages interactive communication and team negotiation.

Philip Swinard, Thomas International