Going for Gold!

Win Olympic Gold by working effectively as a team. Great fun! Three tasks to complete in 40 minutes requires top teamwork skills.

  • up to 20 people (in 2, 3 or 4 teams). Larger version, for more teams, also available.
  • 40 minutes + debrief


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  • using basic team skills, building team bonds
  • prioritising and managing tasks
  • to agree a strategy to work together
  • the benefits of good organisation
  • the importance of matching individuals' strengths with appropritate tasks

The Activity

Fun, revealing, energising! A short, sharp team bonding activity suitable for both large and small groups. If you are interested in a 'LARGE group' version - more than four teams - please contact Northgate.

Can your team win Gold? Start with 20 questions on the Olympics. Answer these and receive two sets of cards; one containing clues, one containing names. Use the clues to sort and match the cards until you have paired and eliminated all except one - bearing the name of a mythical city that will host the Olympics. This task has pitfalls so the better you organise yourselves the sooner you’ll correctly identify the city! Finally, design an advertising poster for the host city which depicts a brand new Olympic sport.

The questions, the city and the poster are all scored to decide which team wins the gold medals!

Often used as a starter activity, all sorts of skills are required and all against a tight deadline! Relax groups and promote team bonding with this light-hearted, fast-paced team-task that needs lots of different skills.

Trainer's Role

  • Introduce the activity
  • Issue teams with Briefing & Question Sheet
  • On submission of their answers, issue teams with a set of cards, flipchart paper and pens
  • Observe teams in action and stop the activity after 40 minutes
  • Issue Team Review Sheets and allocate scores
  • Lead the Debrief. Announce the winning team and present the Winners’ Medals!
  • Trainer’s Notes provide full guidance.

Pack Contents

  • CD-ROM containing: Introductory Note, Trainer’s Notes, Team Briefs, Team Quiz, Team Review Sheets
  • Sets of 52 Cards
  • Five winners’ medals (more can be supplied at on request, at cost)

Great fun

Going for Gold! very quickly got us working together. Very topical - and we picked up on a lot of issues about our team skills.

Delegate Feedback: M. Fleming (team member)

Transformed teams

Going for Gold! transformed a group of rather nervous, quiet participants who didn’t know each other into energetic, motivated teams.

G. Walker, Consultant

Engaging and ideal as a starter for a team day or workshop

Used as an energiser on a team strategy day for senior managers. The best learning points were role allocation, communication, initial diagnosis/planning and interpretation. Engaging and ideal as a starter for a team day or workshop where you are looking at how a team/group work together.

K. Bevan, NUTS

Fast, fun and a real energiser

Used as an icebreaker/teamwork exercise with our International Sales Team. Both the systematic and the more sporadic teams completed the activity. We received great feedback about the enjoyment factor!

Stephanie Barnett, HR Manager, Twinings

Great fun and the salient points for the course were quickly established

Used as an icebreaker for a 'Get Organised' course with groups of 10-14 managers & staff. It highlighted time management and prioritisation skills. Very interactive, the activity gets the group going – talking, moving about, thrashing out the problems and reaching compromise.

P. Elder, Elder & Associates