30 Icebreakers & Starters

Great store of activities, guaranteed to melt the ice and create a lively, inclusive atmosphere for your course!

  • Any number of teams
  • 10-30 mins for each activity


In stock

  • gets delegates mixing
  • provides platforms for interaction, chatting, relaxing and enjoyment
  • reduces worries and inhibitions by creating a non-threatening environment
  • makes it easier to form teams and get full participation from all
  • introduces specific learning issues such as communication, decision-making, creativity, delegation and many more

The Activity

Stilted atmospheres at the start of a training course are common. It’s understandable – no-one is too sure of what’s coming and people worry about what’s expected of them. It’s vital to break the ice if all your hard work
preparing the course is not to be lost by delivering it to a disparate, inhibited group!

Ensure you get the best out of your course by relaxing participants – getting them ‘on-side’ from the start. Once barriers are broken down they will be much more receptive to what you have in store for them.

This pack gives you a host of innovative starters – from very simple ‘introducers’ to more challenging activities that can introduce the theme of your course.

Trainer's Role

The pack contains very clear notes for the Facilitator (together with clear learning points), all Participants’ Briefs and Handouts and fully reproducible team materials (print from the CD-Rom or photocopy the compendium).

Pack Contents

  • 75 page, A4 ring-binder containing Trainer's Notes and Team Materials for each icebreaker
  • CD-Rom containing Team Materials so you can print as required

The icebreakers are energisers

I use the activity with staff in learning and development sessions and team building exercises. The icebreakers are energisers and they remove barriers. Fun and good to have some new ideas!

Rob Riley, Learning & Development Manager, Harrogate Borough Council

Very good icebreakers

We use these icebreakers for assessment centres, induction and development centres with all staff and potential new recruits. The best learning point was the interaction between people/groups. They are exactly what they say: 'very good icebreakers', especially with new employees.

Karen Thompson, Training Manager, Reeves & Neylan

Fun and easy to use

We use these for team building / away days - they're a good way to 'break the ice'. Good range of activities.

Sarah Delahoy, Training & Development, Lewisham Primary Care Trust