A construction project where teams work on individual elements - that must all fit together at the end. Good communication vital.

  • For 3 teams
  • 1 hour


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  • stresses the need for flexible planning
  • demonstrates importance of clear inter-team communications
  • reminds of the danger of making assumptions
  • highlights need for integrated teamwork
  • allows for celebration of success

The Activity

Each team has to build one third of a runway to carry a ball from one end to the other. The three parts are:

  • a tower and starting block plus a bit of runway
  • a longer piece of runway with two curves
  • an uphill section with a basket for the finish

Teams answer questions to get resources and then begin building in separate areas with only limited communication. Bringing the structure together at the end tests if it works and if the teams have managed to cooperate successfully at a distance.

Trainer's Role

  • Introduce the activity
  • Divide the group into three teams
  • Set up a neutral area for inter-team meetings
  • Issue Briefing Sheets and construction materials (when earned)
  • Observe the teams for 60 minutes or more
  • Bring teams together and test the completed structure
  • Issue review forms and conduct a Debrief, rounding off with Action Plans for performance improvement.

Pack Contents

    Trainer’s Notes
  • Twenty Questions Forms
  • Team Review Form
  • Team Briefs A, B & C
  • Sticky-Tape, Scissors, Rulers, Bag of Paperclips & Rubber Bands
  • Ping-Pong Ball
  • 50 Sheets of White Board

Food for thought

Really helps give so many of our first time managers food for thought on teamwork and project management.

P Timms, Dept of Constitutional Affairs

A very useful activity

Rollaball! Is a well-designed and ready-to-use, cross-functional team activity that generates many learning points.

Sarah Cook, The Stairway Consultancy

Excellent activity

Fun, plenty of learning and so easy to run.

D. Willis, DW Solutions

Brilliant activity

The best learning point is that communication is key when trying to achieve the overall objective. I have used this activity a number of times and it always gets the message across – teamwork is vital to achieve the best results. Would recommend to anyone who is experiencing difficulties with their team.

Fiona Flemington, Weightmans Solicitors


I used Rollaball for Teamwork Training with 12 first-time managers. The best learning points were the need to be less competitive and negotiate more openly! A fantastic way to finish a 6-day programme – the delegates left on a real high. More games like this please.

Keith Watkins, Royal Wolverhampton Hospital

I really enjoyed using it and achieved outstanding results

Used at a conference for Chartered Accountants and the best learning points include the need for planning, effective communication and COLLABORATION, not competition. Rollaball! is one of the most effective team work tools I have used. It is great fun for participants and builds an excellent team spirit on which further training may be based.

Jane Caven, SageGreen Limited