Top Team

Classic, competitive teamwork activity - the ideal vehicle for assessing team competencies. A fantastic value pack!

  • 3-24 (up to four teams of 3-6 per team)
  • 1 hour 30 minutes + debrief


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  • how to operate as a team
  • how to improve communication skills
  • to use problem-solving techniques
  • to plan ahead and manage time effectively
  • the importance of leadership and motivation

The Activity

You’re after a chest of gold. Your team starts with four briefs. At first sight they look like four copies of the same brief but they aren’t, so don’t make that assumption or you’ll waste valuable time! The four back pages contain vital but different clues as to the whereabouts of five keys. Solve these and you are well on the way to achieving your goal. Now you need to plan the best route to pick up the keys, then locate the gold, then get it back to base - but the facilitator holds vital items. You’ll need to attain them first!

A fast-paced competition in a fun environment, giving teams the chance to demonstrate a ‘top team’ performance. They’ll need all their interpersonal and organisational skills - but they can do it! Equally suitable at the start or at the end of a teamwork activity course.

Trainer's Role

  • Divide participants into teams
  • Issue Briefing Materials
  • Introduce the exercise and issue cards as appropriate
  • Observe teams in action
  • When all teams have finished, let at least one group describe their method of working
  • Use the PowerPoint to lead a Debrief
  • The Trainer’s Notes contain full guidance

Pack Contents

  • Trainer’s notes
  • Team Briefing Sheets
  • Item Cards
  • Log Sheets

Lots of good things came out of the Top Team presentations

Such as the need to vary leadership style at different stages, team roles, using strengths of team members, the value of initial planning, delegating and taking responsibility, communication, quality of information, risk assessment, etc.

M. Palmer, MaST

We used Top Team with some teams from one of our clients

Our group learned some valuable lessons. During the planning phase they realised that planning the whole operation first would make more sense. This taught them the virtue of looking at the overall plan in concept before concentrating on detail – a valuable lesson.

B. Bailey, Lea Storey

Top Team is a very good activity that I use regularly

It presents a challenge, encourages teamwork and tests organisation and communication skills.

R. Nicholls, DLO Andover

Top Team is an excellent, fun activity that requires serious thinking

Helps a lot in raising awareness before our presentations on building successful teams as we can relate back to the activity.

A. Jasir, Burger King