Set Your Objective!

Establish SMART objectives - and put them to the test. Reveals common failings - every time. Great fun!

  • For 1, 2, 3 or 4 teams
  • 1.5 hours


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  • allows for group decision-making on which objectives to set
  • highlights need for realistic objectives to be set
  • stresses importance of calculating how long tasks will take
  • tests teams’ ability to work together under pressure
  • demonstrates need to know the time and date when tasks are due 

The Activity

This activity is in two parts – the first lasts 40 minutes and the second 25 minutes. In the first period, teams plan for the second period. They have to decide how many of eight tasks they will do – they have details of the eight tasks but not enough information to start them.

In the coming 25 minute period they also have a main task to do (of which they have details) as well as an ‘unexpected task’. Trying to do all the tasks is too much – but just how many tasks should teams attempt? They need to set realistic objectives and if they have an awareness of time planning there is a means to do this – often overlooked!

Trainer's Role

  • Divide participants into teams.
  • Issue Briefing Folders and explain the activity. Allow 40 minutes Planning Time.
  • At the end of the 40 minutes, collect Contract Sheets and issue specific task details for those tasks teams have chosen to complete
  • Allow groups to begin on the Action Phase. After 15 minutes, issue the Unexpected Task. After 25 minutes, check each team’s Main Task
  • Award scores and lead a Debrief on team experiences and key lessons about planning, time management and setting objectives
  • Link to the workplace and how team members can improve their own performance at work.

Pack Contents


  • Trainer’s Notes
  • Team Folders
  • Task Cards
  • Straws (for tower)
  • Contract Sheet Pad
  • Scoresheet

Works 100% every time

Love Set Your Objective

Martin Clarke, Inspire Change Ltd


All groups love Set your Objective!

Employee Development Officer, Scottish Council

The best learning point is that people take on too much

I use it as a Time Management exercise with all staff including Sales, Production, Credit Control, Marketing, IT etc. I run the first part before lunch and the second part after lunch. It brings out a lot of aspects of people’s personalities. It shows that when under pressure, people revert to things that they are comfortable with.

Kim Summers, Group Trainer, United Advertising Publications Plc

A fun group activity, which draws out common failings around organising your day

Used to support training on “Organising Your Day”, the best learning points were: not to rush into action; to understand your brief fully; and not make assumptions.

Ben Steedon, Learning & Development, Family Investments