Personal Effectiveness Cards - Time Management

Empower delegates to manage their time 20% more effectively. Raise awareness and transform attitudes.

  • 3-18 (up to three groups of 3-6 per group)
  • 30-50 minutes + debrief


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  • to be aware of one’s job description
  • the need for a daily plan
  • the need for clear objectives in your workload
  • the importance of establishing priorities
  • learning to say “No!”
  • avoiding procrastination
  • identifying time-wasting activities

The Activity

In small groups, simply work through a set of 30 cards, discuss the issues raised and reach a conclusion.

The cards will help you all to analyse the way you use that precious commodity, time. Do you know exactly what you are supposed to be doing each day? Do you plan ahead properly? Are you aware of your ingrained time-wasting activities? Others cards will probe your organisation's approach to time management planning, individual responsibility and level of efficiency. Other cards give you specific tasks to do - all related to your use of time and personal effectiveness at work.

Be honest! You may uncover some unpalatable facts but it’s all with good humour and you won’t be alone! Leave with down-to-earth tips, techniques and simple rules you can easily practice back at work to make your time go further.

Trainer's Role

  • Divide participants into teams.
  • Issue each team with a set of the 30 unique cards.
  • Observe teams at work.
  • Issue Action Plans for completion.
  • Lead a Debrief on the key learning points.
  • Full debrief notes are supplied and the handouts are provided on CD-ROM for easy copying.

Pack Contents

  • Trainer’s Notes
  • CD-ROM containing Handout Files
  • Sets of Cards

Fantastic discussions

The Cards stimulated some fantastic discussions about real life situations they face at present. The debrief was able to consolidate these ideas for the whole team, providing solutions to take back to the workplace.

Wendy Pollitt, T&D Manager, Romec Ltd

Another top product from Northgate!

I've used these Personal Effectiveness Cards a number of times with managers and have obtained excellent results. Positive improvements in effectiveness all round.

B. Goodall, Dark Blue Training & Development

Not just a 'here’s how to do it' course

Used for time management – in the development of half day course, it is an activity addressing all learning styles. Generated discussion and thought processes from participants.?

Sarah Devenish, Training & Process Manager, Total Gas & Power UK

Lively, thought-provoking

I use this activity as part of either a Time Management Course or a Managing for Effectiveness Programme with team leaders and middle managers. The best learning points are self awareness, sharing 'good' ideas, and a different approach. Lively, thought-provoking and a quick and easy way to help people consider their current practices and identify ways they can improve. I think Northgate products are great – I’ve not bought one that doesn’t work yet – thank you.

Susannah Hopwood, Summerfield Sanders